What is an "End Grain" Chopping Board and why should I use one?

An end grain chopping board is made with small lengths of wood arranged vertically. Therefore, the surface is made from the end grain if the wood. The end grain is more resistant to knife marks, gentler on knives and we think more attractive than standard boards.


An end grain cutting boards surface is up to one and a half times harder than a standard "face grain" cutting board alternative.

A harder surface means cuts from knives do not damage the board as easily. With an end grain board the knife will slide between the woodfibres rather than cutting them.

Regular treatment with our Oil and Wax will cause the board to "self-heal". This will close up most scratches on the surface bringing back the original surface finish.

Reduced Blunting Effect

Due to the orientation of the wood fibres, as you use your board the knife will slide between these fibres on a microscopic scale. On a regular face grain cutting board, the knife cuts the wood fibres, this will causes irreversible damage to the board.

Due to not cutting the wood with your knife, but sliding between the fibres of the wood you are not blunting the knife, thus keeping the blade sharp.


Wood kills bacteria. Bacteria finds it hard to survive on un-lacquered wood surface. This makes wood a great choice for chopping boards.

Our chopping boards are submerged in foodsafe mineral oil, then a coat of foodsafe beeswax is applied after they have been made. This oil and wax prevents other liquids soaking into the board as well as helping to 'heal' any knife marks.

Keeping the board clean using your usual cleaner and wipe of any liquids from the board.

We recommend oiling your cutting boards at least once a month to stop them from drying out.

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We offer a bespoke chopping board design in any size, thickness, wood, style and design to suit your personal and interior tastes. Please visit the products page to see some examples of our bespoke work.

Please get in contact with us here at Skinner Designs.

Classic, Japanese and Slimline Boards

We currently offer 3 styles of cutting boards: Classic, Japanese Style and Slimline. Each style has their own unique characteristics. Chopping boards are available in any size and are made to order.

Classic- The classic cutting board features two ergonomic handles for easy lifting. Boards range from 40-60mm thickness.

Japanese- The Japanese style chopping boards feature a 70° chamfer on all sides; This gives the cutting board a stylish and sleek look.

Slimline- Our yet to be released slimline range is a low profile, lightweight 30mm thick chopping board. This streamlined board is suited to smaller kitchens; hen not in use in can easily be moved when stored away; or where you want to achieve a low-profile, minimalist, look and feel in you kitchen.

Standard, Modernist & Perspective Boards

Standard- Standard boards consist of 40-60mm blocks of wood. Each block is arranged to make a repeating pattern on the cutting boards surface.

Modernist- Modenrist boards are made from a mixture of hardwoods: Black Walnut, European Oak and American Cherry to name a few. The board is sliced multiple times, each slice is then oriented different ways, after many proceses the cutting board takes its final form.

Perspective- Perspective boards are made in such a way that a 3D perspective is created. It is made by using different colours of wood in particular orientations. Each side is glued one at a time slowly building up the form. These boards take approximately a month to build.

Feet, Handles & Finish

Feet- Our boards feature four rubber feet; these are situated on the bottom in each corner. The feet are attached with stainless steel screws to prevent any rusting or corrosion. The four rubber feet raise the cutting board up from the surface, this allows for two things: Vital air flow under the board to keep the board from warping. Secondly, to lift the board away from any liquids that max spill down the sides or under the board.

Handles- Handles are routed out on our classic style boards to aid lifting. (We can supply boards without handles too.) The handles are non-intrusive and are styled ergonomically with the existing design to aid in the lifting of the cutting board.

Finish- All of our boards are submerged in foodsafe mineral oil, then a coat of foodsafe beeswax is applied. We recommend oiling your cutting board monthly to prevent drying out and cracking. The food safe bees wax helps with sealing the pours of the wood making it less susceptible to liquids. It also revitalises the original appearance bringing back its glossy look.

Wood Species

We currently offer a small variety of wood species. Please have a look at our product section for example chopping boards in particular species of woods.

Walnut- A dark wood, very popular for chopping boards due to its natural beauty, close grain and very good durability.

Cherry- A beautiful orangey coloured wood, fantastic grain patterns.

Oak- Very durable, has fantastic grain patterns.

Beech- Very durable, slight orangey colour when freshly oiled.

If you are interested in any other species please get in contact.

Engraving (Coming Soon)

Engraving- We are hoping to launch a custom engraving service int he near future.

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