• Mineral Oil

  • 250ml

  • Food safe

  • £5.99

Mineral Oil - Chopping Board Protection

100% Mineral Oil

Mineral Oil is a food safe oil that is applied to the board to protect the chopping board and other wooden items from food and liquids.

I recommend re-oiling your board on all sides at least once a month to protect it from food and water damage; it will also keep it looking it's best by helping to "heal" knife marks.


How to use:

Squeeze a liberal amount of oil onto the board, spread the oil using a cloth in a circular motion until the board is covered. As the oil soaks in you may need re-apply oil if necessary. Remember to oil all sides of the board.


For further protection a special blend on mineral oil and beeswax can be applied to the surface. This makes the end grain chopping board more durable, more resilient to water as well as enhancing the glossy finish.

Chopping Board Wax is also available to buy to ensure your board stays in the best condition.

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