European Cherry

Bespoke made to order boards in a wide variety of styles.

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Standard & Classic

Our Classic End Grain Chopping Boards feature a clean, handleless design. Perfect for leaving in a fixed position in your kitchen.

Our Classic End Grain Chopping Boards feature twin recessed handles. This style is great if you need a little more mobility with your board.

Slimline & Japanese

Our Slimline End Grain Chopping Boards are great for portability or where space is limited. Its narrow design makes storage an viable option.

Our Japanese End Grain Chopping Boards feature sleek tapered edges. Not only a unique design but also a great statment piece to have in your home.

Double & Double Plain

Our Double Sided End Grain Chopping Boards feature twin slotted handles, this eases mobility of the board around the kitchen. The double sided nature means you can use both sides of the board.

Our Double Plain End Grain Chopping Boards feature the same two sided work surface without the handles.

Other Options

Cant find the right product for you?

We offer a bespoke service in order to create the perfect products for our clients.

We can offer a variation of sizes and designs to suit your needs. We aslo offer advice if you are stuck choosing the prefect product for you.

Please contact us here: [email protected]

Sizes available:

Extra Large Plus: 605mm x 468mm

Extra Large: 550mm x 413mm

Large: 495mm x 358mm

Medium: 440mm x 303mm

Small: 385mm x 248mm

Extra Small: 330mm x 193mm

Please note: Handmade boards have a tolerance of +/-20mm in each dimension. If you need an exact size please contact us before placing an order.


All boards are 40mm thick. Slimline boards are 30mm thick.


If you would an alternate size or thickness that is not listed here please contact us via email to discuss your needs.

Sanded to a smooth glossy surface and treated with food safe mineral oil to protect the board.

For further protection a special blend on mineral oil and beeswax is applied to the surface. This makes the end grain chopping board more durable, more resilient to water as well as enhancing the glossy finish.

Mineral Oil and Chopping Board Wax is recommended to ensure your board stays in the best condition and is available to purchase.

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Due to the handmade nature of these products and timber being a natural material, all measurements are approximate. Appearance, colour and grain patterns will vary between all products. For more information please contact us and for further examples of colour and grain variations please visit out galley page.

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